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Morality and Law

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, Martin Luther’s pinning of the 95 theses on the wall.  In Lutheran magazine articles and churches, we are having classes and reminders of the theology of the Reformation.   … Continue reading

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Where am I today?

I haven’t updated my journey in quite a while, so I’ll answer the question, “Where am I today?” I believe in traditional orthodox Christianity. I affirm the Nicene and Apostle’s Creed. I commune with a Lutheran church and participate in … Continue reading

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All Saints Day, by the numbers

I appreciate the liturgical practice of All Saints Day.  In our church, we remember the Saints who have gone on before us, especially in the past year.   It is a wonderful liturgical practice, connecting the Saints of today with … Continue reading

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Youth are not the future

“Youth are our future”.  It is a statement so commonly said in Christian circles that we all assume it to be true, even in my current Lutheran tradition.  We forget that for Lutherans, this is not true.   Lutherans tend … Continue reading

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For The Experience

I awoke early this morning, opened the door, and breathed in the morning air. A cool front moved through last night, bringing with it storms and a shower.  The air is crisp and cool. I hear birds cheerfully chirping, enjoying … Continue reading

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Am I a conservative or a liberal?

I hate conservative/liberal labels, but if someone wants to try and force them on me, I would say “I believe in the faith as established by the early church fathers, described in the Nicene Creed, and passed down to me. … Continue reading

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Am I a liberal?

In reading N.T. Wright’s book “Surprised By Hope”, I am finding interesting perspectives on those often referred to as “liberals”.  On pages 177-178, he states the following in regards to universalism “That latter kind of universalism was the normal working assumption … Continue reading

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