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For longtime followers of my journey, you have seen me wander along a windy path.  It started with a road of leaving the Southern Baptist/Non-Denominational evangelical world. Along the path, I studied Pentecostal, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian, Brethren, Catholic, Orthodox, and a host of other traditions.

I have settled in the Lutheran tradition at a local ELCA church, but I mostly only attend to experience the liturgical calendar and the Eucharist.   I made a brief attempt at leadership, but it became clear to me very quickly that my wilderness journey has made me ill suited for Lutheran leadership.  At this point, I still consider myself a wanderer in the wilderness.

My passion is understanding “How we think, guiding us in our practices”   The knowledge of what we believe changes over time, but there are consistencies in how we think that have been steady for over 2000 years.  My goal is to find those consistencies, and then using them to guide in practices which lead to encountering the creator.

I love e-mail or comments. E-mail me at allen.krell@gmail.com

I also broadcast on twitter.

Twitter:@allenkrell                 https://twitter.com/allenkrell

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