I Remember

I Remember

I remember the resurrection and I look forward to the return of Christ.

I remember that I was created in the image of the Son, and I am being transformed into the likeness of the Son. I remember that I am becoming one with the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit. I look forward to the completion of my transformation and our unity as all people of all times are brought together as one body, fully subjected to the Son. The body of Christ will then be complete, being subject to the Father, so that the Triune God will be all in all.

I remember when God sees me, He sees himself.

I remember God became human so that we may become God.

I remember to focus on God as a comforter and healer, and not as a judge.

I remember I am not alone. I am together with all Saints past, present, and future.

I remember that Christianity is not only about communion between God and humans, but also about communion with each other.

I remember the many mysteries.

  • The mystery of the Triune God
  • The mystery of union with the Triune God
  • The mystery of the Eucharist
  • The mystery of the Kingdom of God being ever present here and now.
  • The mystery of the spiritual, the physical, and the resurrection
  • The mystery of the judgment and the return of Christ.
  • The mystery of the Incarnation.
  • The mystery of the depravity of humans and our creation in the image of God
  • The mystery of sin as a state inherent in our world, not as a specific list of actions.
  • The mystery that I am transformed yet broken.
  • So many mysteries, too numerous to list

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