Magical and the Mysterious

In modern thought, we separate the rational and the magical.   Rational is that which we can observe based on reason and logic.  We use information, science, and analysis. But, this time of year, we encourage our children to see the magical.  We have joy in our hearts as they see the hope and magic of Christmas, of Santa Claus, of the North Pole, of reindeer, and of elves.

As we age, we lose the sense of magic.   We are taught to observe all with reason and logic.  As the harsh realities of a flawed world destroys, hurts and fears overcome our belief, especially our belief in magic.

But, Advent is about renewing the hope.  We are not renewing the hope in magic, but in the mysterious.  We believe not in a magical world that consists of things which do not exist, but we believe in a mysterious world that does not follow reason and logic.  We believe in the mystery of God coming to Earth in human form.  We believe in the mystery of God coming to Earth to bring the Kingdom to Earth.  We believe in the mystery of the 2nd Advent. During this season, the desire of my heart is to believe and experience the mystery.


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