If someone were to ask me the impetus for the biggest changes in my spiritual thought, I would respond with a philosophy about the Trinity.   I always believed in the Trinity, but as I thought about what that meant in my belief system, everything changed.   Instead of a simple, monotheistic “Jesus” who was an imperial ruler over my life, I began getting mysterious glimpses of the Triune God.  I saw God the Father, the provider.  I saw Christ, the son and Messiah, the one who walks beside me.  I saw the Spirit, who flows through me.  I saw relationships and communion, not dictatorships.  I saw glimpses of an ultimate reality where communion is complete, and we are all in one.   I began getting glimpses of how this mysterious philosophy effects my life.   Instead of separate categories of people, I saw all in communion with all.  Instead of strict differentiation between Heaven and Earth, creator and creation, I saw glimpses of a single Kingdom.

Another change happened as I saw the logical conclusion.  I saw that same sex relationships in communion are equally as valid as opposite sex relationships.   I saw that the differences between male and female will be no more, and that those who question their sexual identify may actually be a perfect example of the perfect Kingdom.  In this Kingdom, communion always wins over differences, and we will all be one.

Rob Bell said “Love Wins”.  I say something similar, “Communion Wins”.



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