The Most Dangerous of Passions

In modern thought, we have defined the word passion to be a good thing.  We are passionate about a hobby, our family, a musician, or untold millions of other interests.  But, as I have explored the Church Fathers, passion meant something very different.   For them, it was those instincts that, if left uncontrolled, fundamentally stood in the way of communion with the Triune God.

As I hear friends and co-workers talk this past year about the presidential election, I realize our society has been overcome with the passion of anger.  The anger directed towards Mrs. Clinton has taken over hearts and souls.  They believe irrational news stories and are consumed with irrational thoughts. They are so consumed with anger and hate that daily communion with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are only at the most outwardly superficial level.    Their anger has spread and is directed towards those with different heritage, different skin color, and different sexual attraction.  Instead of places of love, their churches have become expressions of hate and anger.   Friendships and families have been destroyed.

The passion of anger is the most dangerous of passions.  It consumes, it destroys, it spreads.  It causes wars between countries, between spouses, and within families.   No passion can do more damage.   My hope and prayer is for repentance of the passion of anger, in my own life and in our country.

Lord have mercy.


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