A night, a hotel, in Bloomington

It has been a nice evening for a walk in the hotel district in Bloomington.  The sky is clear and the temperature reflects one of those perfect early autumn nights, not too cool and not too warm.  I notice several people outside, a mix of business people and tradespeople.   I notice the tradesman talking over a beer on the back of a truck while another group sit outside on the patio.  On the small embankment a business man is going for a walk while talking on his cell phone to family back home. A lady is taking a relaxing swim in the hotel pool.  A couple of people walk outside for a smoke.  Others are wandering around the lobby.  The hotel staff are busy with their evening tasks.

I know, just like me, every one has a story on their minds.   They may be thinking about family problems or medical fears or financial stresses.  Perhaps they don’t have any problems to think about, they are only looking forward to being back home.   Most probably it is the former rather than the latter.

I think of my own thoughts, and I guess their thoughts are similar to mine.  Most all humans ponder the past, the present, and the future.   This gift of thought makes humanity so challenging, yet so rewarding.   Our thoughts cause stress, doubt, and fear.  Yet, they also provide hope.   I wonder this evening, “Is the hope worth the stress, the doubt, and the fear?”  My answer at this moment, is “Yes, it is worth the cost”


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