Rabbi, Who Sinned

In the 9th chapter of the gospel of John, we find a man born blind from birth.  Christ was asked “Rabbi, who sinned?”  It is a powerful question, one that many ask in their own lives.  We ask, “What sin did I do to deserve this?”  or “Why am I suffering for the sins of my parents?”

The truth is much more of a mystery.  We cannot pin the results of sin on any one person.  We cannot pin the results of sin upon ourselves or upon others.  Creation suffers due to the community of sin, past, present, and future.   Sin is communal, and the results are communal.   We all suffer from the combined results of a sinful and broken world. Not only humankind, but all creation suffers.

Thankfully, the cure is communal as well.  Christ brought the Kingdom of God to Earth to heal the results of the communal nature of sin.  He brought healing to all, he is bringing healing to all, and he will bring healing in the fullness of time.  Through Christ, we too are to provide healing to all.


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