We do not live in the present

We are told to live in the present.  We must be a good parent today, we must manage money well today, we are to exercise today, we are to enjoy today, we are to enjoy this meal at this moment. But, we are so much more than today.  We are past, present, and future.  We consist of those who have gone before us.  We consist of all that has happened in our lives.  We consist of hopes and dreams yet to be experienced.

In our relationships, we often try to experience them in the moment.  We are told to forget the past and only focus on today.   Relationships are not built in the moment.  They are built on experiences past, experiences of the moment, and the hopes of experiences in the future.  Relationships are built on trust, built on experiences in our lifetime as well as experiences passed down from generations before us.  We so often try to build relationships based on the present, but they are only a shadow what might be.


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