Lewter Family Park

One of the gems of Northeast Huntsville is Lewter family park at the corner of Windham and Wellman. One of Huntsville’s smaller parks, it makes up what it lacks in size with character. It reminds you of a time before cars so permeated our society, a time when children walked or rode bikes to the local park to play. Over recent years, the city and volunteers have refreshed the park. The swings are in good working order, and a new slide and climbing area for small children are available. Clean picnic tables are inviting someone to enjoy a picnic. Some local neighbors have donated plastic basketball hoops for the little ones.

Several garden spots have been added with the support of Huntsville’s operation green team. They have already been planted with a variety of spring lettuces and kales. I expect spring vegetables will be planted as soon as the threat of frost has passed.

If you haven’t been by lately, stop and check out one of Huntsville’s gems. If you don’t live within walking distance, there are a handful of parking spots along the side. Bring your children or grandchildren and enjoy a beautiful day outside.


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