For The Experience

I awoke early this morning, opened the door, and breathed in the morning air. A cool front moved through last night, bringing with it storms and a shower.  The air is crisp and cool. I hear birds cheerfully chirping, enjoying the night air.  I see the faint glimpse of the moon as it sets behind the light cloud cover.

I picked up this month’s issue of “The Lutheran”.  I run across an article with the subtitle “A preacher asks: What do you want from the sermon?”  I don’t consider it an original article.  I have read or heard the same statements dozens of times over the years.  His conclusion “Follow the sermon and apply it to their daily lives”. I reflect on that statement that I have heard many times before, that everyone wants to understand how Christianity applies to their daily lives.

I reflect on the morning air.  I didn’t try to apply the morning air to my life, I just experienced it. That is what I crave from Christianity.  I crave the experience of the Eucharist, the experience of a beautiful song or hymn, the experience of prayer, the experience of a daily devotion.   I want nothing more, nothing less, than to experience the Triune God and the Kingdom of God.


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