Encouragement on Chapman Mountain


Image from Larry Wilbourn, used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 .

I live on Chapman Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama.  It is a neighborhood of 1960s style ranchers built to house those who designed and built the Saturn rockets that sent humankind to the moon.   My neighborhood is currently going through a revitalization stage as the previous generation passes away, and a new generation moves in to renovate.

We have had three weeks now of snow and ice in our town, quite unusual for Alabama, and especially unusual for March.  The last ice is now melting away, but it was cold enough last night that a thick frost was on the trees and housetops as we arose to go to early service on the first week of daylight savings time. I saw at least three people out for an early morning jog.  I saw the fog as their warm breath met the cold morning air.  I was encouraged as I saw our revitalizing neighborhood waking up, even on this cold Sunday morning.


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