Kingdom of God, Kingdom Of This World

In my attempts to explain the Christian faith, I often focus on two relationships.  First, I talk of the relationship between the Triune God and humankind.  Second, I talk of the relationships between humans.

On transfiguration Sunday, I am reminded this is a simplification.  Christianity is about the intersection of two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of This World.  These are two kingdoms that are separate, yet intersect.   The Kingdom of God is ever present in our world, in every moment of every day.  Yet, the Kingdom of God is not physically in all things.  At moments, such in the transfiguration story, we see clear glimpses of this mysterious intersection.   In Baptism and in the Eucharist, we bear witness to this intersection.  But, in the events of life, this intersection is not always clear.  We question and we doubt.  We ask “Is God really present?” .  We ask “If God is present, why does evil exist in this world?”

This is the mystery, as the two kingdoms co-exist yet are separate.


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