What do I believe?

This blog is not about number of readers or number of hits.   My hit count is so low, I am not sure anyone reads it.   This blog is about recording my thoughts as they change over the years.  I hope one day to go back and read these thoughts in order to see how my thought patterns have changed over the years.

So, what do I believe today?

  • As far as the relationship between God and human kind, I believe in the Christian tradition as recorded in the Bible and worked out during the first few hundred years after Christ.  I believe in the agreements of the Ecumenical Councils, especially the Nicene Creed.   I believe there is no reason to disagree with these councils or add to them.
  • As far as ethics and morality, however, I believe all religions, including Christianity, struggle with defining these rules.   Ethics and moral guidelines are constantly changing and are redefined as culture changes.  I do not believe there is one solid list of right and wrong. In some ways, ethics and morality are improving as civilization is progressing.  In other ways, ethics and morality may be getting worse.  Also, ethics and morality are not unique to Christianity.   Most all religions (even atheism) are actually as good as, or even better than, Christianity on ethics and morality.  We have a lot to learn from each other.

What are my interests today?

  • I am fascinated by the intersection between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Earth.  I am especially fascinated by the concept of time and space.  Long before 20th century Physicists discovered the relativity of time, I believe the ancients were provided mysterious insight into this intersection.  As I read the Psalms, I repeatedly see this mystery.  To say Christ came in the past, is present now, and is coming in the future are all true statements.  To say Christ was present in the fiery furnace, Christ was present on the cross, Christ was present in the Temple, Christ is present in me, and Christ will return in the future are all true statements.  The intersection between the two Kingdoms is mysterious and reflects itself in both time and space.

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