How we think: Is there life after death?

“Is there life after death?”  seems to have a simple answer, yes or no.  But the mystery of the Christian tradition is so much more.  The problem is not the answer, but the question.  The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Earth intersect in a mysterious way that we do not understand.   This mysterious intersection confuses our concept of both space and time.

The question assumes that time is linear, and that at death we pass from the Kingdom of Earth to the Kingdom of God.   But, in the mysterious intersection, time is not linear.  The Kingdom of God is in the past, in the present, and in the future.  The Kingdom of God is just as real now as it will be at our death.   Instead of passing from one to another, we are in both at the same time.

My answer to the question is to suggest a clarification of how we think.  The Kingdom of God is real and exists in the here and now, just as much as it real at the moment of our earthly death.  This is how we are to live our lives, as though we are living in the Kingdom of God now.


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