How we think: Not even a spec of dust

The human mind cannot begin to comprehend the vastness of space.   Any attempt to describe the vastness quickly collapses when faced with the limits of our mind.  Each of us is nothing but a piece of dust on this plant.  Our planet is just a spot of dust in our solar system.  Our solar system is the slightest piece of dust in our galaxy.  Our galaxy is the smallest of dust in the universe.  We are a piece of dust, on a spot of dust, in a slight piece of dust, out of all the dust of the universe.

We are insignificant,  nothing but the slightest spec of dust, compared to the vastness of the universe.  Out toils, our labors, and our struggles are all for nothing.  The motion of our planet, the motion of our solar system, the motion of our galaxy, and the expanding of our universe will all continue to occur regardless of anything we may do.

Again this week, I ask the question, where is our value?  Our value cannot be measured in terms of our ability to effect the motion of the universe.  Rather, Christianity teaches us that our value exists in our relationship with the Creator of this universe.


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