How we think: Beginning and End

The religion of Christianity is a progression, it has a beginning and an end. Christianity is not cyclical, and it not about a circle of life. It has a beginning and an end in two ways. First, the Triune God is referred to as The Beginning and The End. Second, creation is the breath of the Triune God. Creation itself has a beginning and an end.  Creation had a starting point, and it will have an ending point. Creation is constantly changing and constantly progressing. But, it is a mystery how it will progress in the future and how it will come to a completion.

We see this beginning and this mysterious end, and we get glimpses of our own insignificance. Current estimates are that the universe as we understand it is almost 14 billion years old, and we do not know the time our universe has left. Our minds cannot comprehend the insignificance of our life spans in the vastness of time. Our time in this universe, regardless of our efforts or our successes, is meaningless when compared to the incomprehensibly long passage of time.

Where, then, is our value? Certainly, our value can not be measured in our contributions to the universe.  Rather, Christianity teaches us that our value is present in our relationship with the True Beginning and the True End, the God of the universe.


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