Morality and DNA

What if a century from now we have such a detailed knowledge of genetics that every crime is traced to a specific sequence of genetic instructions?  What if we find a genetic instruction for murder, for lying, for theft, and for rape?  Does that change our judicial system?  Does that change morality?

It seems this scenario is very possible, even most likely.  We will have to create new philosophical and legal systems to deal with this problem.  What will those systems be?

We will need a simple system, with a simple way of thinking about law and morality.  We may have to decide as a society that even if a person has a genetic dispostion which drives them to murder, that doesn’t give them the right to murder.   The judicial system, then, may be less about ‘judgement’ and more about protecting society from the person from ever committing another murder.

Where, then, does this leave our moral and religous sytems?



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