Your story is missing a chapter

Sometimes the story of your life is missing a chapter.  Those around you are aware of pieces of your story, and they make decisions and judgements in their relationship with you based on that story.  It is not only about your story, they also project their own story onto yours.  They use the merging of stories to determine all aspects of the relationship, from basic conversation to important issues of trust.

No one really knows all your story.  Even those closest to you only know pieces of your story.  Each of your relationships makes decisions based on the story they have available.

Sometimes, your relationships have very large gaps in your story.  Perhaps you moved away from your hometown as a young adult, and you have been gone for many years.  If you reenter the lives of those in your hometown, they are missing a big part of your story.  They only have the stories available to them from your childhood and their projections of that story into the present day.  Their perceptions miss the changes in your story, no matter how dramatic those changes may be.

This is yet another challenge, how do you interact with those who are missing large chapters of  your story?



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One Response to Your story is missing a chapter

  1. Amy says:

    I find this especially true as I reconnect with people from my past on FB that I’ve had little or no contact with for many years. I know I’ve changed a whole lot in those many years, and they may have too. Most of our FB contact is pretty surface, but from time to time it goes deeper as I private message someone and we being to put the pieces of our respective puzzles out on the table.


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