Love tied to emotions

I am still thinking about the word love.  The word has been misused so much, I am considering my own definitions.   For my purposes, I exclude both erotic love and  the overly casual use of the word.  My definitions have some similarities to the traditional Greek words for love, but they are adapted to a modern Westernized society.

First, consider love between family members or between very close friends.  This is a love that endures over time and distance.  Even as jobs change and people move, these relationships continue.

Second, consider love that changes as life changes.  This could be relationships between co-workers or classmates. They could be neighbors or classmates.  They could be short term dating relationships. We may know (and even trust) these relationships, but they may not survive time and distance.

Third, consider our emotions towards those we know casually.  These are usually people from our own social and economic class.  We may know their faces and their names, but we may know little about their lives.

Fourth, consider our love towards all humans.  Regardless of social or economic class, we have emotions (and hopefully goodwill) towards all.

Back, to my original problem, how to map love to a system of ethics.  It is possible to map an overall system of ethics to love? or tailor it each kind of emotion?




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