Am I a liberal?

In reading N.T. Wright’s book “Surprised By Hope”, I am finding interesting perspectives on those often referred to as “liberals”.  On pages 177-178, he states the following in regards to universalism “That latter kind of universalism was the normal working assumption of many theologians and clergy in the liberal heyday of the 1960s and 1970s and has remained a fixed point, almost in some cases the fixed point, for many whose thinking was shaped in that period…But the worm has turned, theologically speaking, in the last twenty years.  The failure of liberal optimism in Western society has been matched by the obvious failure of the equivalent liberal optimism in theology… ”

This is reinforcing my belief that it is very possible to be part of a mainline denomination and still believe in historical Christian teachings.  I desire to abandon legalism and  fundamentalism, reject misuse of the word inerrant, and reject using the Bible as a science textbook.  I desire to be open and supportive of women in the ministry.   I desire to be able to renew my beliefs on same sex attraction.  Yet, I still want to adhere to traditional Christian beliefs on the Trinity, on the death and resurrection, on judgement, and on a future hope.

Is this possible?  My belief and hope is that it is possible.


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