My Journey Continues, how to think about things.

For longtime followers of my journey, you have seen me wander along a windy path.  It started with a road of leaving the Southern Baptist/Non-Denominational evangelical world and joining the Lutheran tradition.  Along the path, I studied Pentecostal, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian, Brethren, Catholic, Orthodox, and a host of other traditions.

I have settled in the Lutheran tradition at a local ELCA church.  I am not actively involved in leadership, but I enjoy the rhythm of church life, participating in the sacraments of the church.   I have had a wonderful chance to lead Sunday classes on the Psalms and on Acts, both have been occasionally chronicled in my current blog or in my older blog.

The past year or so, I have continued my journey, calling it a search for the common church.  That journey will continue, but will now focus on changes in how we think rather than what we think.   Over just the past few centuries, there have been major changes in how we think about slavery, segregation, sensuality, and war.   Each of these changes reflected not just a change in what we think (slavery is wrong) but also how we think (what are the basic rights of man).

In a sense then, I will be looking at Christian philosophy.  At times, there will clearly be an intersection with secular and western philosophy, as the two have intertwined over the history of the church.  The journey has already been underway with several blog posts, particularly on stoic philosophy.  As with many journeys, I do not know the end, but I look forward to the journey.


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