Seeing good on I40

I sit in my hotel room, perhaps not more than a few hundred feet from the busy Interstate 40 here in Albuquerque.  It is late evening here, but traffic on this well traveled path is steady.  It is a mixture of cars, work trucks, motor bikes, and tractor trailers.  For each car, bike, or truck there is a driver and possibly passengers.  Each person has a story.  They may be coming or going to work, or they may still be at work.  They may be  coming or going from family and friends.

Each story has an element of good.  The tractor trailer driver is busy working a job, perhaps supporting a family back home.  Some may be headed to jobs, or still driving work or delivery trucks.  The work may be difficult and tiring, but I bet each one is happy to have a job.  Many are headed home and will have a bit of joy as they enter their home, eat dinner, and rest in a soft bed.  Some will head home to empty houses and apartments, while others are headed home to family.  Doubtless, not all will experience obvious good this evening.  Some may go home to loneliness, and some may go home to strife.  I will never know the story of those I see as I sit in my room, but I look for good and hope for good in each of their lives.


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