Where am I today?

Like most blogs, this blog is about a journey, my journey.  This and my previous blog  have chronicled my journey as I search for the common church.

So, where am I today?  I continue to have found a long term home in the Lutheran tradition.   I do not see the Lutheran tradition as the right tradition, or perhaps even the best.   I am drawn to this tradition because it best reflects the vocabulary of the faith in a way that language can express.  I believe the tradition of grace alone through faith alone best verbalizes the history of the common church.  The vocabulary of “Law and Gospel” as well as the “Two Kingdoms” best help me to express my faith in words.

This is the vocabulary I use on a daily basis, and it is the vocabulary I hope to use the rest of my life.  But, in my alone time, in my most private of places, I find any vocabulary insufficient.  No words can express the thoughts and emotions as I struggle through life.  Life in this kingdom is complicated and mysterious.  For that which is complicated and mysterious, I need so much more.  I feel drawn to the faith of my ancestors.  Both the traditions of the East and the West have so much to offer in this regard.

So, in a sense, maybe I am living a double life.  In my life in this world, I focus on the wonderful vocabulary found in the Lutheran tradition.  In my personal journey, I seek that which is mysterious.  That is where I am at today.


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