Time For Everything

We live in a neighborhood built in the 1960s, with my house being built in 1965.   As my neighborhood reaches the age of 50, many of the original trees are now overgrown or diseased.  Most of the large trees on our lot our now gone, with one more being cut down this week with only a pile of sawdust left to remind us of its presence.  I take my afternoon walk, and I notice the tree removal companies have been very busy in my neighborhood this week.  Every block has at least 1 or 2 trees that have been removed.  Like all creation, trees have an expected life, and so many of our trees have reached their time.  I am sure modern suburbia has taken their toll on the trees, making their life a bit shorter.  Large trees meant for woodland have been planted in manicured lawns, near power lines, and too close to foundations.

I now consider what to plant in its place, and whether to plant at all.  Whatever I plant will look out of place right now.  It will seem too small and too fragile.  It is most probable that a Maple or Oak will provide little shade until much later in my life.  It is very possible that those who will enjoy its shade may live in this home after I am gone.  It will probably be the role of another person, yet to be born, who will be in charge of cutting it down at the end of its life.

Yet, this fall, I will hopefully plant another tree.  Next year I hope to water it and nurse it through the hot Alabama summer.  If all goes well, it will grow a deep root system until it no longer needs my regular watering.  As it grows, I hope to trim any unsightly branches.

This is the nature of creation.  We plant, we water, we feed, and we prune, all for another generation yet to come, for those we have not yet met.


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