The core of my crisis

Today was a beautiful day, and I am exhausted.  We worked outside all day, and for a inside office guy, the sun and heat didn’t take long to knock me out.  The best part of spending the day outside was to have time to reflect.

I remembered the earliest stages of my journey into  the search for the ‘common’ church.  All my life, I had been taught that to be a Christian was to be morally better than those outsiders.  Outsiders were liars, alcoholics, spouse abusers, and pornographers.  Insiders may struggle, but in general we were supposed to be better than the outsiders.  

Then, I became friends with outsiders, and I realized everything I believed was wrong.   I met atheists and agnostics.  I met those in same sex relationships.  I met many who never went inside a church or spent much time thinking about Christ.  I met those of different faiths.  And, I realized that they were not liars, alcoholics, spouse abusers, and pornographers.  They were just like me.  They had the same values, the same hopes, and the same dreams.  They dreamt of raising a family and having a career.  They hoped for fulfillment, and they looked forward to the future.  They had ethics and values in business dealings.  In some ways, it even seemed they struggled less than insiders did.  

I was confused.  If it was possible to be a moral person without Christianity, then why should Christianity exist?  My journey continued, and I realized the truth that changed my life.  Christianity is not about moral values, and it is very possible to be a moral person without Christianity.  Christianity is about so much more.  Christianity is really an answer to the early philosophers who believed truth could be achieved through reason.   Christianity is about the nature of that which exists without reason.  It is about a mysterious God consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.   It is a story of history as mankind desires community with this Triune God.  

It is a story with many struggles and failures.  Corruption, especially in leadership, has led the common church to many struggles, yet it continues.  The story continues, and I believe it will always continue until community with the Triune God is complete.  I do not know the exact path it will take, but I am sure the story will continue.  


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