Back to the subject of sin

What is sin?  It seems like a simple question, but I find it a very complex question.  Someone may say sin is anything that violates God’s law.  Another person may say that sin is to violate any of the 10 commandments.  One religious group may focus on sexual sins, while another group may focus on sins of omission (failure to serve mankind).  I thought I had the answer when I said that sin is anything that damages community with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.   I would still agree with my answer, but I am still not sure it captures the entire essence of sin.

My problem is that I tend to follow God’s law.  Although I am far from perfect, I tend not to violate God’s law or engage in obvious (and external) sins.  Of course, I am always guilty of sins of omission since many could argue I could always do more to serve others.  For the most part, my sins are internal more than external.

This leads me to a broader definition of sin.  I also include in sin how my fears and insecurities impact my relationships with those around me.  Although these fears and insecurities may not be direct actions or thoughts, these fears and insecurities make clear my own frailties as well as the frailties of those around me.  These fears and insecurities, although not obvious sins, serve to reveal the depravity of human nature.

So, as I approach the Father this week, I confess my fears and insecurities, and I humbly bow before the Triune God painfully aware of my own depravity.

Originally published on April 16, 2012.


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