Not just me

The sinful nature places a focus on self and our community.  We get caught up in our small circles of life, and we start to believe that is all that exists.  We focus on our lives, our struggles, our families, and our community of faith. We develop a sense of self importance, believing our role in our little world is all that matters.

At times, we have to come face to face with our own insignificance.  Life crisis force us outside of our small communities of life, faith, and family.  Suddenly we are faced with our own insignificance.

Part of the Christian path is to not wait for those crisis to force us outside of internalized lives. We must constantly look for opportunities to see outside our worlds.  The modern world can provide many opportunities if we only look.  

– Visit the small grocery store on the other side of town, confronting our own fear and prejudices

–  Make the most of every travel opportunity, watching and interacting with those of different cultures and belief systems, being careful not to judge with our own preconceived notions

– Take a walk or bike ride in a neighborhood not our own

– Visit faith communities from other Christian traditions

– Go to any place where large crowds gather, considering your own role in this large and diverse world in which we live

Nature itself provides clear guidance.

– On a clear night, go away from the city and stare into the night sky.  Witness the beauty of the infinite numbers of lights, spending time considering our own role in this universe. 

– Go onto a mountain top or out into the wilderness.  Spend time thinking about the enormity of God’s creation.

The opportunities abound, if we only look. 


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