Psalm 104 : In the Beginning, God is Good

Before God was just, Before God was loving, Before God was sovereign, God was good.  At creation, all that He created was good.  All that he provided was good.

Then sin entered into the world, and we also needed a God that was just and loving.  We needed a sovereign God that could work good in spite of evil.

But, in the beginning, all was good.  Even now, the good from creation and the good of mankind is still present.  It is difficult to see at times through the disorder caused by sin, but it is still there.  We see the good in the arms of caring parent, we see the good in those who help during a terrorist act, we see the good in the beauty of nature,  and we see the good as we feel a good hug.  The good is present every day, we must only look for it with the eyes of Christ.



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