Psalm 22 – Christ’s personal Psalm

     Christ’s Psalm was Psalm 22.  Christ quoted much or all of the Psalm on the cross.  As he was despised, ridiculed, forsaken, and betrayed the words of the Psalm were his comfort and strength.  As his ligaments were torn by his own weight, it was this Psalm that came to his heart and mind.

     This is true of every Christian.  Every Psalm may not make sense to every Christian, but every Christian will have a Psalm that makes sense.   If a Christian has never experienced family betrayal, many of the Psalms will have little meaning.  If a Christian has never committed adultery, he will never understand David’s sin and guilt.  If a Christian has never experienced the shadow of death, so many of the Psalms will seem without meaning.    But for every Christian, incorporating the reading of the Psalms as a pattern in their life will lead to times of Epiphany.  During times of suffering, the Christian will have a sudden realization that a specific Psalm (or perhaps just a verse) applies directly to their life.  In that moment, that Psalm will become personalized and will provide comfort, hope, and strength.

     That is my hope for every member of this class and for all who incorporate the Psalms into their daily lives.  I know none of us will be relate to every Psalm, but I do know that every Christian will experience that moment when a specific Psalm becomes real to them.


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