Psalm 18 – Remembering the path

         The path has been long and it has been difficult.  As a child, David was anointed the chosen one of Israel.  God has passed all his older brothers and chosen only him.  The path has been full of struggles and triumphs. While tending his sheep, he has killed both a lion and a bear.  He faced the giant Goliath with only a sling and some stones.  He played songs for King Saul, who later spent years trying to kill him. After Saul’s death, the descendants of Saul spent several more years trying to track down and kill David.

     Finally, prophecy has been fulfilled, and David is King in Jerusalem. As we know from Ecclesiastes, there is a time for all things, and for David it is time to remember.   He remembers the long and treacherous path.  He remembers his friends and his enemies.  He remembers the battles won and the battles lost.  He remembers God as his refuge, his strength, and his shield.  At times, in his imperfection, he starts to take credit for the events that have led to his rule, but in the end he gives all credit to God.

     For me, today is a time to remember.  I remember the fear, the doubt, and the loneliness.  I remember the good days as well as the bad.  For a moment, I even start to believe that I was strong, but then I remember the times of complete weakness.   I remember my own path, and I realized it was God who led the way.  I look forward to the future, knowing again he will lead.


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