Class on the Psalms

Starting January 6, I’ll be leading a class on the Psalms at St. Marks’s Huntsville.   I will also be posting my lesson discussions on this blog, feel free to use for your own study or class.  
The Psalms can be both comforting and confusing. The Psalms often provide us great comfort as we experience the struggles of life. Yet, they can also be confusing as we try to comprehend the raw emotion and judgment often found in the Psalms. For some Psalms, we must understand the liturgical practices of the Israelites. For many of the Psalms, we must learn the story behind the Psalm so that we can understand the raw emotion displayed. Our goal in reading the Psalms will be to understand these liturgical practices and stories and relate them to our own life stories.
Each class is designed to stand alone. You can attend once or as many times as you like. If you would like to follow along, read one Psalm each day and by the end of May you will have read the entire book. Each week we will have one or two Psalms to read in class. As you are comfortable, we will have opportunities to share our own stories and how they relate to the Psalm. If you have a favorite Psalm, you will be given the opportunity to share why the Psalm is important to you.

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