Justin Lee and Rachel Held Evans, Upsetting My World

Refreshingly, people like Justin Lee have upset my little world.   If you follow his blog, you know he is director of the Gay Christian Network.  But, although my views of sexuality are constantly being rethought in my mind, that isn’t my main interest in Justin’s blog.   My main interest is tied to the “slippery slope” problem.
You see, for years my whole theology was based on the “slippery slope” problem.   All issues were related to this “slippery slope”.   If I compromised on inerrant scriptures, the role of women in the church, sexuality, alcohol consumption, R rated movies, or anything else in the fundamentalist world, then I would travel down a “slippery slope” which inevitably leads to abandoning the belief that Christ is the path to redemption.
But then, I started discovering people who have different views, yet they haven’t headed down the slippery slope. These Christians still believe in a Triune God, and they still believe Christ on the cross is the path to redemption.  They still believe as the early church fathers did that Jesus is both God and man.  They still believe the Triune God is still at work in our lives today.  They believe in the main body of historical Christianity, yet they have taken a path that I would have previously referred to as the slippery slope. 
Rachel Held Evans is another example.   She did not come out of the world of feminists writers, but she found in Christ a different view of women than I had always been taught.  Yet, she never abandoned historical Christian beliefs on the Triune God and the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.
In my view, both Justin and Rachel headed down the same path.   The headed down what I was taught the “slippery slope”, but they did not find a slope.  Instead, they found Christ!
I too have joined their ranks.  Over the past couple of years I have taken a chance on the “slippery slope”.  I still believe in ancient Christianity, the Triune God, and the redemptive work of Christ.  The “slippery slope” wasn’t slippery for me, and perhaps, it won’t be for you.  

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