I am glad everyone is not like me

I love routine.  Each day starts and ends with a routine.  Everything in my life from the order of clothes in my closet, to the breakfasts I eat, to the lunches I pack, to the way I prepare dinner all follow a routine.  I awake each day at the same time without the aid of an alarm clock, and if it at all possible I leave work at the same time each day.  Inevitably, many days don’t go as expected; but as soon as possible I return to my routine.

My choice of clothes is predictable.  At work I wear solid colors without any logo.  I only own two brands of pants with each brand in the basic colors of khaki, navy, and black.  I wear two styles of shoes, each in two colors.  At home, I do splurge a bit, wearing tie-dye shirts around the house, but even that choice is predictable.

But, I adore those who are different from me.  I adore the musician who stays up all night and sleeps all day.  I adore the artist who sees each day as ever changing bits of chaos.  I adore the lady at the grocery store in the totally outrageous clothing.  I adore the romantic who leaves all for the one he loves.  I adore those who see every meal as an ever changing adventure.  I adore the agnostics and the atheists, even if we disagree.  I adore the never winning mayoral candidate who speaks at every council meeting, regardless of what people may think.  I adore the lady who walks down the street every morning, dancing as she walks.  I adore Dancing Dave, as he too dances and walks his way around town.  I even adore Huntsville’s own youtube sensation,  Antoine Dodson.

My list of those I adore is only a start.  Each and every day is filled with the excitement of those who are different from me, and for this I am glad.



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One Response to I am glad everyone is not like me

  1. Steve Newell says:

    I agree. I'm a consultant by nature and I love running from business challenge to business challenge, solving problems. I hate going to an office and doing the same thing all the time. I am so happy that there are people how love to do what I hate and do it well because they keep things running properly and orderly.I like to hang around people who are not like me. I like to talk with people I may not agree with in terms of politics, theology, or economics since I learn from them and it forces me to think through my positions.


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