We are the In-Between, what do we believe?

We believe in the historic traditions and creeds of the Christian faith including the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds.

We believe that Christ, the Son, is the only path to redemption.

We believe in the authority of the Bible, but we believe the word inerrant has developed connotations that are no longer useful.

We believe that just as moral issues like slavery, segregation, and the role of women have changed over the centuries, moral issues in our society continue to change and must continually be re-examined.

For current moral issues, we have wide ranging and passionate views on sexuality, but we refuse to use sexuality as a test for Christian orthodoxy.  Indeed, we refuse to use any current moral or political issue as criteria to discern Christian orthodoxy.

We are involved in every Christian tradition, and we are scattered in fundamentalist and non-denominational churches.

We have been pushed away from both both the left and the right.  The fundamentalists label us liberals, and the liberals label us close minded conservatives.  We are wanderers, with nowhere to go. 

We are the In-Between.   If you consider yourself part of the In-Between, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at  I love to talk with fellow wanderers.


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