I Still Believe

For our planet,

I believe the world wide economy will recover, with the regions of North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific all competing and driving each other to greater success.

I believe the developing world will continue to develop, reducing war and famine.

I believe our planet will solve the problems of climate change and the destruction of our environment.

For the United States of America…

I believe we will continue to reform health care, eventually making it widely available.

I believe will will overcome the housing crisis, the debt crisis, the social security crisis, and every other crisis that will come our way.

I believe the terrorists, foreign or domestic, will not win.  

I believe we will some day reform our prison system, reducing or eliminating prison for non-violent offenders.

I believe we will finally solve the challenges of escalating higher education costs, and I believe we will realize that getting a trade is not necessarily tied to graduating from college.

I believe we will figure out a way to live in harmony, regardless of sexual orientation.

I know that the United States will soon not have a majority race, and I believe we will figure out how to truly live together diversely, yet as one.

I believe the future is bright, and our best days are yet to come.

For the Christian Church,

I believe that through the power of the Spirit, the Christian Church will thrive, becoming one even as the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one.

For me,

I believe the future is bright, regardless of what life may bring.

For us all,

I know that we are all depraved, and we will still mess things up along the way.  Yet,  I still believe.


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2 Responses to I Still Believe

  1. Steve Martin says:

    I believe that nothing works (in the end) and that our lives and the life of the world are not progressing, but are being brought to an end.I believe this because no one escapes the grave, and the Bible tells us that this world will pass away, too. Even the scientists believe that.But we don't roll over and die. We are good stewards and do our best to take care of our neighbors and this world.


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