Bullying or free speach

For a moment, forget everything you think about the Chick-Fil-A controversy and just look at comments on social media.  Many over the age of 40 see it as a free speech issue.  Most under the age of 30 see it as a bullying issue.

How do you see it?


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5 Responses to Bullying or free speach

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see it as a hate and discrimination issue. I'm in my early 30's.


  2. I see it as CFA supporting a violation of the 14th amendments Equal Protection Clause. Im 18


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  4. Steve Newell says:

    Many liberals are very closed minded. If you don't believe that they want you believe and you are public about it, they will try to shut you down or they will try to force you to their position. This is just another form of fascism.This is a free speech issue.


  5. Steve Martin says:

    I'm with Steve.If you don't agree with the right, they say that you are wrong.If you don't agree with the left, they call you evil and try to shut you down.In my 55 years, this is what I have noticed.


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