A True Radical

It seems being radical is all the rage these days.  One of the top selling books at Lifeway and other retailers of the Christian industry is David Platt’s books on being “Radical”.   Mega-church pastors and many local pastors are doing studies on being a radical Christian.   I have mixed feelings about being called by a pastor to be “Radical”, and my reservations mostly concern how to define “Radical”.   Here are my examples of “Radical” Christian living.

  • A single parent raising a child, that is a True Radical
  • Someone with a close family member in prison, that is a True Radical
  • Parents working a job and trying to raise children, that is a True Radical
  • A caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient, that is a True Radical
  • Raising a child with severe Autism, that is a True Radical
  • Living with a disability, that is a True Radical
  • Persevering through mental illness, that is a True Radical
  • Surviving another day, that is a True Radical
Radical to me is living the life we find ourselves in and sharing that life with others.  

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