Is Pope Benedict XVI a Lutheran?

For Lent, I have been reading  Joseph Ratzinger’s book “Jesus of Nazareth”, in Chapter 3 he states

Referring to Platonic philosophies “This purification is obtained, on the one hand, through ritual actions, but also and especially through man’s gradual ascent to the heights of God. In this way man purifies himself from matter, becoming spirit and, hence, pure.
For the Christian Faith, though, it is the incarnate God who makes us truly pure and draws creation into unity with God….Saint John’s Gospel–and Jesus himself– shows us the way: he who is both God and man makes us fit for God.”   (page 60)

and concerning baptism “This fundamental event, by which we become Christians not through our own doing but through the action of the Lord in his Church, cannot be repeated.” (page 73)

Sounds Lutheran to me!


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