Public schools and C.S. Lewis as examples

I live in a city with a metropolitan population of over 500,000.  As with any community our  size, our school system has both its successes and its challenges.  For any one of our high schools, each year brings those who are admitted to top tier universities across the United States as well as those who head down a path of low paying jobs.  My belief in the U.S. public school system is that it is both the best and the worst in the world.  If you have the desire, the ability, and the drive, it is possible to turn your experience with public schools into a highly successful career. However, there is nothing in our system from stopping someone from wasting the educational years.

I find modern Christian traditions are very similar.  With every tradition, whether it be Baptist, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, or Methodist, it is possible to find Christ within the tradition.  However, it also possible to completely miss Christ and head down a path that misses the great story of Christianity.

I find the great author C.S. Lewis as an example.  He came to Christianity from Atheism.  Being in England, he chose the Anglican tradition.  It is interesting that during his life, Britain was headed down a rapid pace of conversion to secularism, abandoning the traditions of historical Christianity.  Yet, in spite of this, C.S. Lewis found Christ and became a passionate and articulate defender of “Mere Christianity”.

I have come to realize that Christianity isn’t about finding a great church or a great tradition.  Depending on the region of the county and the community where you live, you might find yourself in various traditions.  The exact tradition isn’t important in your spiritual walk, only how you make use of it.


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