Unitarian Jesus

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up with the “Star Wars” movie series.  Famously, part of the storyline was about a “Force” that would be with the Jedis.  This “Force” had both good and evil.  The good Jedis, especially Luke Skywalker, accessed the good side of the “Force”, and Darth Vader accessed the dark side of the “Force”.

I have been using the term “Unitarian Jesus” to refer to the church movement of the last 40 years that has turned Jesus into a generic “Force” that helps us be better husbands and better wives. This “Force” teaches us to manage money and rewards us when we manage money well.  This “Force” gives us the strength to win football games and political races. It is a “Force” which desires to be thanked and praised.

Instead of the mysterious and wonderful Triune God of historical Christianity, this is a singular/unitarian Jesus.  Instead of the historical focus on redemption through the death, burial, resurrection, and future return of Christ, this religion focuses on a consumer mentality where we are all consumers of what this force has to give.  Each Sunday the followers of the movement give this “Force” a token praise and thanks.

I long for a return to historical and orthodox teachings of Christianity, handed down through over 20 centuries of church history.  I long for the wonderful mystery of the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. I long for a return to the wonderful story of redemption that tells us God became man so that we could have relationship with and be part of the Triune God.  I long for the story of redemption and grace as carried out through the death, burial, resurrection, and future return of Christ.


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