Failed New Year’s Resoultion

I only made it to January 6th.  For New Year’s, I had come to peace that man is made in the image of God.  My resolve to see the goodness in others around me only lasted to January 6th, as I spent the weekend focusing on the sin in others around me.

On this Sunday evening, I restart again, looking for the image of God in others.


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One Response to Failed New Year’s Resoultion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny, I have never understood the concept of being, made in God's image as having anything to do with being good/sinless. For the longest time I have thought of humanity being made in God's image as an icon of the Trinity. God made man(kind) in His image; male and female he made them….It strikes me that our individuality reflects the separate personhood of God. Our unity – oneness – in marriage reflects the unity of of the trinity. The "procession" of a child like the procession of the Spirit from the father through the Son – separate yet one with both the farther and the mother in the same way (to an extent) that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the father through the Son as an everlasting expression of eternal unity and communal Love.That's what I thought being made in the image of God was about. Our very nature images the very nature of the Godhead.Cordially,Jim


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