Interesting point on my journey

I have reached a point of peace in my journey, resting in the community of Saints throughout the ages.  It is a simple place, setting a rule for myself that I will agree to have communion with any person that accedes to orthodox Christianity as defined in the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds.

Then today I find the website of an interesting church in my community.  Its statement of faith is extremely well written and is clearly in alignment with the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds.  In fact, its statement of faith is much more in alignment with orthodox Christianity than most non-denominational and Baptist churches in my community.  According to my rule, I can clearly have communion with this church.  However, something is interesting about this church.  The pastor is openly gay and most of its congregation is gay.

I must decide, do I add to my rule?  My rule is simple, accede to the historical creeds of Christianity.   Now, do I add an addendum to this rule?  If I add an addendum, how many others will I add in the future? 

I rest again, accepting creedal Christianity, without addenda.  I rest in the communion of Saints. 


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