Leftovers From The Protestant Dinner

I am a person of routine.  Each Monday, I get home from work and prepare supper.  My routine is simple, I pick a meat and fix a potato dish and 2-3 vegetables.  With practice, I have been able to size the meat and potato so that there are no leftovers.  With the vegetables, I often double size the servings, and any extra is refrigerated to be warmed up for Tuesday dinner.  On Tuesday, I fix a new meat, 1 or 2 new vegetables, and I warm up Monday’s vegetables.  My system is routine, easily remembered, and reasonably healthy.

The problem, of course, is leftover vegetables on Tuesday.  Although my system is routine and provides a variety of vegetables. the warmed over vegetables are not often the most desired items in my family.

In the never ending drama of  fundamentalists and liberals in most all denominational groups, the leaders seemed to have missed the problem, all they have remaining is the leftovers.  While continually arguing and splitting, most of the members either dropped out of church or joined the non-denominational abundant life churches.  Meanwhile, the remaining fundamentalist and liberals continue to reorganize into ever smaller mini-denominations.

There are several paths to take.  Some have gone to fundamentalism, growing regional mini-denominations based on a charismatic personality, or focusing on a strict interpretation of the scriptures.  Many churches have tried to copy the abundant life churches, with various degrees of success in attracting a crowd.

My hope is that the remnant of the chaos may follow another path that involves neither fundamentalism, liberalism, nor abundant life. My hope is for a new alignment of creedal Christianity.  An alignment not based on ethnicity or a set of social rules, but an alignment based on the historic Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds.  My dream is for an alignment that does not necessarily form one completely united church organization, but rather an alignment of common communion based on historical orthodox Christianity.

I know most would say I am naive and that the differences and obstacles are too great to overcome. Yet, I still hope.


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