I missed it, the Trinity

Of all the truths I have seemed to miss over my life in church is the concept of the Trinity.  I knew of the Trinity, and could have mentioned the members of the Trinity, but I never saw God as three persons.  In my prayer life, I never thought about mentioning the members of the Trinity separately.  I am only beginning to grasp how the Trinity relates to my community with the Triune God and my community with other Christians.

From “The Orthodox Church” by Timothy Ware

“The human person, so the Bible teaches, is made in the image of God, and to Christians God means the Trinity: thus it is only in the light of the dogma of the Trinity that we can understand who we are and what God intends us to be.  Our private lives, out personal relations, and all our plans of forming a Christian society depend upon a right theology of the Trinity”

Now, I am on a path of avoiding the mistakes of my past in looking at a singular God.  I start by reciting the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, focusing on each member of the Trinity.  In my prayer life, I address each member of the Trinity separately, saying a prayer to each member.   I study ancient written prayers, where it seems each one addresses each member of the Trinity for a different purpose.


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