Glimpses of communion

This weekend I had to travel out of town for a family funeral.  Funerals are often complicated when an elderly relative passes away.    For those closest to the family member, the grieving process is active and overwhelming.  For others, the event is more about having a family reunion than having a time of grief.  Over the years, I have found the process of a family funeral both refreshing and confusing.  I have passing feelings of nostalgia and belonging as I briefly reconnect with cousins who I haven’t seen in many years.  It can also be a bit confusing as I meet disconnected relatives who I may have never have seen before.

Communion with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit  reminds me of a family reunion.  At times in my life, I feel like the Triune God is a close relative who I haven’t seen in quite a while, and I rejoice as I have been able to renew our relationship.  At times, the Triune God seems like a distant relative who I may know by name, but who hasn’t come to visit in a long while.

Yet, in a wonderful but mysterious way, I realize my relationship with the Triune God is far beyond any comparison to human relationships.  Although a part of me compares it to human relationships, another part of me realizes there is so much more.  Regardless of my current emotions or thoughts, God has been present, God is present, and God will always be present in communion with me.  The Christian life is about this ever present communion.  The Christian life is about the divine arriving on Earth in human form for the purpose of communion with His people.  Regardless of what I think, believe, or feel, this communion is ever present.

Grasping and comprehending this communion is never complete while on this Earth.  We may get glimpses as we see this communion in our lives, but again, they are only glimpses.   Now, we only get glimpses and shadows, but one day this process of communion will be complete. We will not only see the Triune God clearly, but we will be a part of the Trinity, completing communion in a way too wonderful for us to currently understand.


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