Not just the cross

On my recent posts, I have stated previously that it all about the cross.  It is the cross that defines good.  And, it is the cross that is all sufficient.  I still believe in the cross, and will always have the cross as the center of my faith.

But, I would be the most miserable of persons if I stopped there.  The problem is not with the answer (“The Cross”), the problem is with the question (“How do I get into heaven?”)

The Christian life is not about getting into or out of heaven.  The Christian life is about communion with God.  This communion is not with some generic monotheistic God, but the mysterious Triune God.  The Christian life is about communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The longer I search back through history, the more I realize that the Christian life has always been about communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The cross itself was not about getting me into heaven, the cross was the means by which the divine came to Earth as human and established communion with me.

The challenge is that I cannot put this communion into words.  I can put into words a plan of salvation.  I can use words like justification and sanctification.  But, I cannot put into the words the divine becoming human in order to have communion with me.  I get glimpses now and then, but only glimpses.  This divine truth is but a shadow.  But, it is a shadow I constantly seek.


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