The problem with "The Big Plan" theory

Those who follow the “God is sovereign and has a plan” line of thought are often guilty of trying to put too much thought into trying to rationalize and use logic to force a good plan in spite of evil.   Recent news in Afghanistan reminds me of this peril.   Over the weekend, a group of 30 soldiers were killed when a Chinook helicopter was downed by a rocket propelled grenade.  Following the thought process of  “God is sovereign and has a plan” line of thought, someone could device a “Big Plan” theory like this

1) 30 men die
2) In response to loss of 30 men and a yet another helicopter, U.S. Army allocates massive spending to upgrading helicopters
4) Hundreds of people get jobs
5) One of those who gets a job has a child who needs a heart transplant
6) His job allows health insurance which places the child on a waiting list

1) Drunk driver kills a teenager driving in another vehicle
2) Parent of teenager donates organs for transplant

It makes for a heart felt movie or book, but does it really represent how God works?  I am not sure, and I am afraid to head down that logical path.  Instead, it seems better to stop at the first crisis in each situation, and acknowledge we do not understand.  Stopping at the first crisis, and asking the Father to help us accept the cross is sufficient.


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