Is God Good?

Here I am back again to the ultimate question of the universe, “Is God good?”  Of all the theological questions, this has always been the one I struggle with the most.  I may enjoy discussing the reforms of the Protestant Reformation or the beauty of Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox, but in the end only one question matters to me, “Is God good?”

I cannot get the answer from the Bible.  I have read it cover to cover many times, and it has never answered my question.  I cannot get the answer from music or art.  I have listened to thousands of sermons over the years, and still do not have my answer.

The answer only comes from experiencing life.  I get to the place I have an answer, then life gets complicated and I question the answer.  So, I am back again, asking myself “Is God good?”  Then, I see life working out in orderly ways, with God bringing good out of the chaos of man’s evil.

I am back again, quoting my own version of Mark 9:24 “I do believe [God is good]; help me overcome my unbelief!”


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