When life gets complicated, rest

I have spent much of my life caught up in the busyness of church.  There always seemed to be a meeting or something to help organize or serve.  I always enjoyed it, but the problem was that when life became complicated, how could I rest?  The work to find someone to replace me as a volunteer (especially in child care) was more challenging than doing it myself.  It was easy to get in a position where I had to quit volunteering just to get a rest.

I realize now that times of rest from church activities are essential to understand God’s grace.  The busyness of church creates feelings inside of us that our acceptability to God is dependent upon staying busy in church.  Times of rest remind us that God’s grace is not dependent upon our willingness to serve, but only on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

In finding a church, it is essential that you find a place where it is acceptable not to serve.  If you are in a place in your life that is filled with obstacles and stress, it is good to take time to do absolutely nothing but occasionally attend a service and participate in communion.  If you are unable to attend service, it is important to have a pastor, deacon, or elder who will occasionally bring communion to you.  Only then will you get a better glimpse of God’s free gift.


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